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The UV Clean Mat is developed and manufactured by Riole, an industry from Paraná specialized in intelligent audio and video solutions that, since its foundation in 1982, seeks to innovate and develop products that will improve people's lives.


Riole is considered a world reference in simultaneous translation equipment, radio tour guide system and plenary automation and in 2020 it started its UV product line with the all new UV Clean Mat Disinfection Platform.

We have a team of professionals specialized in various areas so that our customers have the best possible experience with our equipment, we are frequently investing in training and research to develop the best technological solutions.





Make life easier for people and organizations through technological solutions that promote unparalleled experiences.


To be recognized internationally for the excellence in quality, innovation and social benefit of our solutions.


Continuous innovation, responsibility, excellence, focus on people, doing together.


Riole UV Clean Store RINA ISO 9001

Develop, produce and offer products that will meet the market demands and the needs of customers, seeking their satisfaction through continuous innovation of the product line, the insertion of new technologies to the products offered, and the reduction of costs, making - increasingly competitive, through the development and continuous monitoring of internal processes.

Version 1.0

de mãos dadas

We understand that it is our duty to return good things to society and work together to make the world a better place.

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For every 100 units sold, Riole and UV Clean Store will donate 1 platform to an institution!

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