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If you can't find your answer below, please contact our support:

  • What is the delivery time for the product?
    The equipment is usually dispatched within 5 working days.
  • What are the paying options?
    You can make your purchase directly through our website and pay by credit card up to 6 interest-free installments or use your PayPal account to complete your purchase. For bulk purchases please contact us. If you have a discount coupon, you can add it at checkout.
  • Does the product have Anvisa certification?
    According to Resolution RDC n. 185 of 2001 by Anvisa, this product does not fit the definition of Health Product, therefore it is not regulated by it, however, it has technical reports that prove its effectiveness.
  • Is there a report that proves the product's effectiveness?
    Yes! Riole carried out disinfection tests against the Coronavirus COVID-19 with UniCamp. The test proved 99.9% effective against the new virus. In addition, tests with bacteria were carried out in a certified laboratory with 99.9% efficiency!
  • Does germicidal UV-C light work against viruses and bacteria?
    Yes! Most people do not imagine light as a means of purification or disinfection, however, special “germicidal” lamps emit high-intensity ultraviolet light, which purifies air, water and surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals, which are harmful for the environment. Photolytic effect on DNA: microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, yeasts and viruses cannot replicate. The purification effect is obtained at wavelengths below 320 nm, with maximum efficiency at 260 nm. Germicidal lamps on the UV Clean Mat Platform emit light at 254 nm, very close to maximum efficiency and are ozone-free.
  • How long does the UV-C lamp last?
    It depends on the flow of people who will use the equipment. The lamp used in our product has a life span of 8,000 hours.
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